This Little Pig (rode_jurk) wrote,
This Little Pig

post family dinner since 19kopong-kopong

family came over tonight.  (my first cousin, her husband, their two beautiful and charming kids, and my two uncles.  plus mom and yaya.)  i had forgotten they existed.

it just occurred to me that i have not seen family for the past six months-ish.  well ... let's just say i see them rarely really.  especially my cousins.  it's quite sad, really.  family here is shrinking since all of us have at least one sibling living abroad.  the new phenomena now, they say, is the transnational family.

i like the traditional type better.  i like just having family around period ... hang out, get to know them, watch them do stuff.  things like that.  the thing with MAKING time for family is, you see, it sometimes kills the spontaneity.  in any case, i still need a few days or even weeks to warm up to family again -- adjust to them actually being there.

in the US, at first i'd have difficulty thinking of things to say to my sister.  but after a while, we find things to share ...

i am not sure what i'm saying here, other than i miss family.  i feel i've been living so long without them that i no longer know what to do with them.

if only we could talk about more interesting things and if only i did not have the burden of trying to make conversation.
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