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I'd Be Better If I Were Dead

I no longer have a life to speak of.

The little I have of me is spread among work and three parents, separately.  Two of which do not know how to pull their own weight.

It is a huge compliment to be entrusted with things such as furnishing a pad for a newly-bachelored man, cooking meals for the house (the main one, in which i live), and also the office (practically the whole of it -- since we no longer have a receptionist and i am the ONLY administrative assistant).  but goodness, i have limits.

I would be lucky to see friends in my non-existent copious free time.  But i'm not.

I would really appreciate a break. 
I would also appreciate it if there was a place I could go where I would NOT have to worry about or take care of other people. 

I am this close to throwing myself a pity party.  And those are never fun.

Just shoot me.  Would make things a hell of a lot easier.
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