This Little Pig (rode_jurk) wrote,
This Little Pig

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what a charmer!

what is it about this man that makes me all giggly?!

"bee-you-tiful guuuurl, i search on for youuuuuuuu ..."

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kase unapologetic baduy siya :)
at baduy rin kasi ako ... trying to be closet baduy, but can't pull it off naman!

you know, his songs are actually quite good. ask a hip singer to sing it in a more contemporary style, with beyonce kulots? they're good songs!! :O
Nung bata ako, kinakanta namin ng nanay ko yung mga songs niya pag bored kami at di makatulog sa gabi. Wahaha.
does that mean nakakaantok siya?

we were singing the christmas song while semi-setting up the christmas tree.